AUD 7.3 Goes Underground

by Jim Lucas on November 13, 2018

Latest SBS Release Offers New Advancements in Underground Utility Design

With the recent release of Automated Utility Design™ 7.3 (AUD), SBS continues to push the envelope for modeling and designing distribution utility assets. This post will bring you up to date on the latest enhancements we have made to our underground design functionality.

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Jim LucasAUD 7.3 Goes Underground

Integrated Distribution Design is More Efficient

by Jim Lucas on January 12, 2018

Intelligent integration reduces design time by over 50%

Intuitively, it makes sense that integration of utility distribution design with other information systems like GIS, financials and materials management would be a smart thing to do.  A recent presentation at the SBS Peer Utility Group gave us some proof to confirm our intuition.

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Jim LucasIntegrated Distribution Design is More Efficient

Experiences Using Semi-Agile Delivery for AUD Implementation

by Jim Lucas on October 16, 2017

Experiences Using Semi-Agile Delivery for AUD Implementation

Our recent Peer Utility Group (PUG) meeting, hosted by Puget Sound Energy in Bellevue, Washington, was a great opportunity to learn what leading utilities are doing to integrate Automated Utility Design™ (AUD) with GIS and enterprise information systems.  While much of the discussion was on systems integration and workflows, we also had an opportunity to review different delivery approaches.  In particular, Louisville Gas and Electric (LGE) spent some time detailing their experience with the SBS Semi-Agile approach for delivering an integrated electric and gas utility design solution based on AUD and SBS’ Utility DataHub™ (UDH).

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Jim LucasExperiences Using Semi-Agile Delivery for AUD Implementation